Services and Pricing

Editing Services

The level of editing needed depends upon the condition of the manuscript. (1 page = 250 words)

Basic Editing: Correcting punctuation, spelling, grammar, verb tense, and consistency of formatting. $12/page

Advanced Editing: Basic level plus editing for clarity, style, and word choice. Improving the flow, eliminating redundancy, improving clarity of sentences. $30/page

Major Editing/Revision: Basic and Advanced levels plus editing of content and organization, including at the document level. This may include significant revisions to improve clarity. $45/page

Additional Options:

+ Checking References

For formatting/consistency: $0.10 per reference

For formatting and accuracy (checked against PubMed or other online indexes/journals). $0.25 per reference

+ Complying with Journal Guidelines

Formatting the manuscript to match the requirements of the individual target journal. Add $1/page.

Writing Services

Abstracts: $150

All other: Priced per project, email for information.