Client Comments

“Seth provided writing that clearly and concisely explained the purpose and important details of our research on microbial efflux pumps for engineering solvent tolerance. He was thorough in his research and preparation. His editing carefully reflected my input.”

-Aindrila Mukhopadhyay, PhD
Director, Biofuels Toxicity & Transporters; Director, Omics Research
Joint BioEnergy Institute

“Thank you very much for correcting the manuscript so thoroughly!
We accepted all changes and recommendations. It has been submitted to the journal.”

-Maurice Mommaerts, MD, PhD, DMD
Consultant Facial Surgeon, GH St. Jan, Bruges, Belgium

“Seth did an excellent job improving the manuscript, helping to get my meaning across with clearer and more concise language.”

Lin-Wang Wang, PhD 
Staff Scientist, Computational Research Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Seth provided writing that clearly explained j5, a software tool we developed to
make DNA construction faster, easier, and cheaper. This was a daunting
task, given the complexity of the software and the background
knowledge required. He was thorough in his research of the subject
matter and conveyed complicated material effectively to a non-specialist
target audience. His editing of the later drafts carefully reflected my input,
which was extremely valuable to maintaining scientific accuracy
while preserving the broad accessibility of the text. Highly recommended.”

-Nathan J. Hillson, PhD
Director of Synthetic Biology, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Biochemist Staff Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

“Seth did an excellent job improving the paper, making it clearer and more concise.”

-Taek Soon Lee, PhD
Director of Metabolic Engineering, Joint BioEnergy Institute
Project Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory